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Last updated 09/03/09

Andy and I are active filkers, and we have written filk music both separately and together. Here are some of our songs.

I have taken out the .wav and midi files on this page, and instead added them to the relevant lyrics pages, so that if you link to a specific lyrics page you don't have to follow it back to our filk page to get the tune. I've also added a number of midi files to add tunes to songs which previously had no audio files.

I've also taken out the clunky ASCII musical notation system, which probably was more incomprehensible than helpful. The audio files should replace them much more effectively.

If there's no audio file, and you can't figure it out, just do something that fits the words.


All original lyrics and tunes copyright Andy and Beth Wheeler
audio file included

Anakin Was a Jedi Knight
Caer Sidi
Cloud City
Con Com Committee
Crash and Burn
The Dance of Trees
Desert Flower
Don't Worry, Be Smurfy
Fairy Lover
Heart's Home
I Sought My Love
Immortal Bird
Jae-Jae and the Demon
King Gwyddno's Lament
Long Ago and Far Away
Lying Dice
Many Moons
Night's Master
Remember Khitomer
Sailing Song
The Stranger
The Sysop's Song
NEW SONG! The Thread That Binds the Bones
Viking Song
Waiting for the Day

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