Alex, Halloween 2011 David, Homecoming 2011
Alex as totem pole, Halloween 2011 David at Prom 2011

Alex & Beth
Alex & Beth, 2008

Feast Day in England
Feast Day in England November 2001

Beth as Mother Nature Beth at Demicon
Beth as Mother Nature, October 2008 Beth at Demicon 14, May 2003

Andy 2008
Andy, 2008
Dylan as Harry Bailey Dylan the techie
Dylan as Harry Bailey, Summer 2003 Dylan the theater techie

family1 family2
Beth and the Boys, Summer 2002 Andy, Beth, and Stonehenge November 2001

Andy Beth
Andy and the Pigs Beth as Mom
Dylan Davey
Dylan brings home booty Davey in the Army Reserve
Andy and Beth's Wedding Picture
Our wedding picture
Andy Beth
A walk on the wild side Too much eggnog?
Dylan Davey
Dylan's Ark More cake, please!
The boys play ball Dylan and Davey
The boys duke it out Brothers and Friends
Andy in a suit Anne, Beth, Dylan
Andy in a suit? Beth and Sundry
Beth and Alex
Alex in Bliss
Laura the Centaur
This is my sister. No, really.

Jenny the Siren
This is my other sister.She's a little washed out,but see the resemblance?

Which boy is which?

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